的 奖学金 Office promotes and awards University scholarship funds to deserving students. 的 goal is to assist in lessening the financial burden that many students seek to overcome. Scholarship information (criteria, application and deadline) is offered for each scholarship awarded. For a detailed listing of institutional scholarships and tuition waivers, visit the 学术目录.


365彩票全部平台 基金会 annually awards thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards supported by the generous contributions of University alumni, 教师, 工作人员和朋友. 一些奖学金是基于经济需要. 有些是择优录取, awarded to students whose ability to contribute to campus life is significant because of their academic potential or talent in a particular field. (的 NEIU 基金会 scholarships page is currently under construction.)


价值超过60美元,在四个学年的课程中, the 总统奖学金 covers full in-state tuition, 费用, 并提供图书津贴. Each year, six new 总统ial Scholars are selected.

成立于2000年, the first 365彩票全部平台 总统奖学金 was awarded to a recipient who after graduating from NEIU, attended and completed law school and is now a practicing attorney in Chicago. 的 总统奖学金计划 attracts graduating high school seniors who demonstrate strong academic promise from the Chicago metropolitan and suburban areas. Through the support of this scholarship students are able to concentrate on their academic studies and be engaged in college life. 

Recipients of this scholarship major in academic fields such as business, 音乐, 社会工作, 化学, 教育, 生物学和心理学, 仅举几个例子. 总统ial Scholars receive automatic admission into the 大学荣誉课程, 好好利用出国留学的机会, and are involved in a variety of student organizations on campus, which enhance their leadership skills and commitment to service learning. This opportunity is open to incoming beginning freshman only. 申请截止日期为3月15日. 


  • 学业平均绩点:3.50个最低
  • ACT总分25分或以上
  • 提前截止日期:2月. 15
  • 优先截止日期:3月15日
  • 最后期限:4月1日



In recognition of the 教育al excellence of Chicago's 星奖学金 students, City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) Star Scholars who gradate from CCC with an associate 学位 and a minimum GPA of a 3.0 will be admitted to 365彩票全部平台 and will be eligible to receive an 新星学者 Award. 了解更多有关 星奖学金.


  • Be a 星奖学金 award winner enrolled at City Colleges of Chicago (CCC)
  • Complete an associate 学位 at CCC prior to transferring to NEIU with at least a 3.0累积绩点 
  • Complete FAFSA to determine financial aid eligibility 
  • 每年在新iu完成30个学时
  • 在东北大学申请专业 
  • 保持3分.在东北大学的平均绩点为0,可考虑续签 



的 purpose of this scholarship is to support doctoral study for alumni who have received either bachelor’s or master’s 学位s from 365彩票全部平台 who meet the specified criteria as stipulated by the donor, Dr. 伯纳德J. Brommel. 欲了解更多信息,请联系博士. Kenneth Vogelsonger, Acting Associate Dean for the 文学院 and 科学, at k-voglesonger@findlaycoffee.net


纽大Phi theta kappa奖学金


  • 至少3.5个GPA和A.A. 或者一个.S. 学位.
  • Student must also be a full-time resident of Illinois.
  • Enroll at NEIU immediately following completion of associate 学位 (in the fall).
  • 攻读第一个学士学位.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from Phi 的ta Kappa advisor to confirm members and active participation in college’s PTK chapter.

的 scholarship covers tuition (not 费用) for the first 60 credit hours at NEIU. 接受者必须保持累积GPA为3.50 or higher and participate in the 大学荣誉课程. 申请截止日期为6月15日. 奖学金只在秋季颁发.


如有进一步问题,请发电子邮件 scholarships@findlaycoffee.net.


的 文学院 and 科学, 商学院 and 技术, Daniel L. 古德温教育学院, 非传统学位课程, and the 大学荣誉课程s offer merit awards for high achieving students. 奖励金额各不相同,只包括学费. Open to new freshman and transfer students as well as continuing students. 在线申请.


  • Freshman selection is based upon high school class rank (upper 15 percent), ACT composite score of 24 (25 for 大学荣誉课程), GPA范围3.0-3.短文和推荐信. 
  • Transfers and continuing students selection is based upon a GPA范围3.0-3.50 depending upon the program, essay and letters of recommendation.
  • 请利用网上搜索和 应用程序工具 查看奖学金标准和申请.

NSF (National Science 基金会) Noyce Scholarship Program is for students who are interested in teaching mathematics and/or science—particularly in high-need high schools. 的 scholarship provides funding for up to three years (1-2 years of undergraduate studies plus 1 additional year in the Teacher Licensure Program). 

了解更多有关 罗伯特·诺伊斯教师奖学金

Awards provide support for two years of the undergraduate program; junior and senior years. Students who are underrepresented in the biomedical and behavioral sciences are especially encouraged to apply.


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